I am feeling sufficated.Cant sleep.

Wakeup,Rush to office,work and pretend to behave content and satisfied with all you have,eat lunch,work and pretend,go home when done,eat dinner and try to sleep.Struggle to sleep.Surf web.Feel exhausted and then fall asleep.Repeat.

I just think ,think and think all the time.Feeling helpless and suffocated.Feeling worthless as I can’t do what I should be doing.Just watch from distance.Near one getting older, near onelost in life,near ones suffering. But I cant do anything. Just pretend to be busy with something useless as useless like replying texts or reading all op-eds till you fall asleep.

Feeling suffocated.Just submit your self to achieve goals set by others to prove your worth.Everyone judging you on the basis of your sacrifice for their goals.I m tired.I m exhausted.

Why I have to be brave,practical and sensible all the time.Why I can’t be irresponsible to the point of no return.Why I have to work hard to prove my abilities. Why i have to show myself happy for others sake.Why I have to always make-up for sake of relationship.Why I have to live up to each and every expectations of people around me.Why I have to sacrifice what I want.Why things can’t be just normal like in others life.Not Great just Normal so that I could sleep well. No bad dreams.Dont know if it is indication of something worse lined up ahead.

Talking to self is so boring and sad.

I think God knows that no one is more dangerous than me if am happy. So he will give you something which is beyond your control.To keep you distaracted.




Evening from my balcony..

I still remember the discussion I had with my instructor at IMS Pune when i got invitation for interview for an MBA course. I was in dilemma to go or to decline. But I was also sure of one thing that I never wanted to go back to same IT sweat shop as manager. So people around me convinced me about my mediocre abilities and RoI concept of investment for MBA course. I was not very excited about the prospects but dont know why i opted for the course and decided to leave my IT job to pursue the MBA. Rest is history. I won’t say I am disappointed but it was a good break.

So here i am working with Government and Public Sector domain since last 7 years. God has been kind to me so far. Journey has been exciting professionally. Best part of my job is that I get to solve problems and find solution to civic problems using technology.And most importantly I am loving it. Best part is that I am working with best in industry and there is so much to learn, absorb and deliver.

High point in my career so far is to make presentation to Liam Fox and his business delegation on his visit to Pune, managing Smart City inauguration by PM and sitting next to Mr Ratan Tata when he awarded WCCD Platinum Certificate to Pune.

Working as Engagement Manager, I have chalked out City Digital Strategy which will be launched by Hon CM on 15th Feb. Pune is the first city in India to have its comprehensive digital Strategy in place. It was extensive learning experience while working with experts from Tel Aviv and Barcelona.

In last three years we have delivered many initiatives like PMC CARE (Citizen Assistance Response and Engagement) framework. It completed two years in Jan 2018.On 15th Feb we will launch city collaboration portal and city app as CARE 2.0.

Other flagship initiatives which are live as on date are as follows :

  1. City Portal : punecity.gov.in
  2. City GIS : gis.pmc.gov.in
  3. City Open Data: opendata.punecorporation.org
  4. City Performance Dashboard : bi.pmc.gov.in
  5. DBT : dbt.pmc.gov.in
  6. City App : PuneConnect
  7. Toll Free Assistance : 1800 1030 222

But beyond that there is lot of work which we have done in making Pune more Cashless City. We have delivered Cashless Strategy and executed it.Last 3 years were amazing in terms of exposure. Also I got opportunity to manage program unit managing more than 13 vertical tracks covering end to end IT Strategy, Citizen Engagement, Infra/Cloud, Enterprise Architecture, India Stack. Today I can proudly claim that no city is even near to Pune in terms of service delivery and Digital Strategy. Lot of city delegation also visit us to learn from what we have achieved in last few years.

On Smart City front we have assisted PSCDCL to setup integrated City Operations Centre which is currently executed by L&T, IBM, Google and RailTel. Entire Project cost was 140 Cr. Today 150+ wi_fi hotspots with IoT sensors are up and running. Google Station has powered the solution. Also Visual Messaging Display, Environmental sensors are installed across the city. There are few more projects which we have executed under Smart solutions or city.

I manage team 11+ Team members and we are doing well.Now i am also looking after Pune region for PwC. It feels good to work for city you love.Never thought I will ever come back to Pune and serve the city. Even today this city makes me nostalgic. My Office is exactly opposite to IBM office at Yerwada and behind Nyati. Now TCS is not operating from Nyati and Godrej Building as they have shifted to Hinjewadi.

Pune airport is no more what it used to be 8 years back. Seems like time is running fast. Feels like am getting old with each passing day.


Self Righteousness

Something compelled me to write this post.May be needed right forum to share my view. So let me set the context before I share my views over it.

Context ( what I could gather from Facebook page) : Gujarat is dry state so boozing is not allowed as per law of the land.My so called prestigious college was raided by local police and caught 11 students red handed for indulging in boozing.This caught attention of local media TV and print media.Students were arrested and FIR was lodged in this matter against boys and girls involved in the act.College management suspended those involved 11 students for one year.Solidarity is shown by current batch by writing open letter to college management and by seeking support from college alumni  of the college.Alumni is standing in support of those suspended students and demanding management to reconsider the decision.

Few snippets of argument posted by Alumni:

Fellow IRMANS/Alumni/People who have had IRMA influence in their lives…..“As regular people, we may all have broken the law (any law) at one point or the other – such is life! I too am guilty of the same as much as the next person. However, we did not get caught, publicly shamed and our careers were not affected by our indiscretions!”

“I am doing the same in my own batch – PRM 14 and I would request all other batches to throw their weight behind this!”


a) I do not drink.

b) I do not support suppression of rights or freedom.

c) I am dormant alumni of the institute.

d) Drinking parties are not new phenomenon to the campus.

e) Students who were caught red handed are not minors.

So what is my argument ? Do I support alumni stand to pressurise management to pardon students.

I do not support alumni stand to rescue students from management or legal wrath.First of all alumni should not  interfere in day to day administration unless asked officially by college management.Managing college is a full time job and for that matter chairman,director,faculty,batch coordinators i.e. entire system is appointed full time to take care of it.Also alumni must refrain themselves from indulging in selective social  armchair activism from across the globe over Facebook  ( in context to institute philosphy).These incidents are mere symptoms that such checks and balances are not institutionalised after Kurien departure ( which was more of “one man show” for decades).Compliances to existing processes and procedure is mere indicator of success of institutionalization of systemic codes, processes or procedures. I think Alumni is more responsible for all this mess today.Every year, outgoing batch introduce new batch with the inherited legacy.The new batch inherits it and further improve the records to pass the baton on to new batch.Somewhere something has gone too wrong and rather than admitting it few people are making clown statements like “first bring all batches to justice who drank at campus”. Are you serious Sir ?? Amitabh Bachan heroic logic in 70s may not be relevant or funny today in 2015.Try something new from your closet,

Secondly it is not about future of students who consciously chose to violate first state law and then institute charter but it is more about institute and its future.One must also take into cognisance that these defectors are not fresh school pass out as it is post graduate diploma course whose minimum qualification is graduation.So innocence should have been last excuse.Arguments like “youthful indiscretion” is shocking as  these arguments has strong resemblance to Mulayam Singh Yadav ideology.Do we really want our graduating young managers from the institute to be responsible managers tomorrow sitting in boardroom exhibiting high standards of integrity or seeking excuse after excuse for other irresponsible behaviour ? They need to be trained and prepared to exhibit high standards of ethics and integrity which only could only be done at institute during these formative years.If we as a institute will fail to prepare our young graduating managers to face  tough ruthless world where integrity is tested every other day,then we will fail as a society too.So onus is largely on our administration or management and we must support them to take some tough decision rather pleading for cover up.

Other common excuse is the case of future career of these students.If they were so serious about their career they must have abstained from such celebrations which is nothing but gross violation of state law.Now it is altogether different debate draconian existing state law.Drinking alcohol is not a crime and I m nobody to preach so but violating state law is crime and educated adult must behave as responsible citizen.Then only you could be considered for other roles in society or in business.

We make lot of noise as a society when a Bollywood superstar gets bails in less than three hours and then we also do lot of intellectual masturbation on discussing what’s wrong with our society or judiciary.I think this specific case of ” putting all the weight behind to stop conviction” is tragedy of our modern day society. We stand today as society of hypocrites. Politicians, judges/advocates or administrative officer/executive are not foreigners but people raised in similar ecosystem here in India.These individuals are nothing but product of society so the outcome would largely depend on the inputs i.e. Values,morals during formative years.

Solidarity is funny word in our society.You will always find many people out there to showcase solidarity ( due to one reason or the another) for Yakub Memon,Salman Khan,Sanjay Dutt,or for Asaram Bapu.But where is the sanity and rationality behind such solidarity  ? These are more symbolic in nature.Few professors enjoys supporting students like Ram Jethmalani to show case the muscularity in campus corridors during such incidents.Students  and their bodies run every time to such professors when crises falls.I think it is cardinal sin as indirectly it is like laying weaker foundation of future  for both student and drilling into pillars of the institute.Don’t expect to harvest great managers in future from the campus with such poor leadership.Thats why I believe that  it is difficult time for institute rather than for those accused children as administration failed to engage  these students into meaningful activity. Some introspection is required here.

Someone told me an interesting incident about why student use to abstain from using leisure facility at campus when Kurien used to be at helm of affairs.When Kurien was managing affairs of IRMA, he has one strange habit of having breakfast at student mess on Sundays.One day he found two students watching TV after breakfast and he walked up to them to know the reason for enjoying spare time on Sunday morning at campus.He also went to the room of these students to see the quality of assignment and rest is history.Next day entire faculty was in his chamber to do the explaining.He envisioned residential course so that students could utilise each and every resource from library to faculty.Such was his administration but he failed to institutionalise these concepts.

These managers are your brand ambassadors so choose them cautiously and groom them vigorously so that they could face this ruthless world.Integrity and ethics cannot be compromised and should be the guiding mantra which gives distinctivenes to Indian management.

May be I need to stop here.Please don’t judge me as if I am taking too idealistic route. Also it is not that I haven’t broken any rule at campus during those two years (only after understanding the future consequences) and if I did I have faced it alone.

May be I am suffering from something what joker says to batman ” Misplaced sense of self- righteousness “


Back to Mumbai

Got an assignment for 2 month to work with Tribal Development Department, Govt of Maharashtra. Also received an appreciation from Partner and Associate Director of the firm as I made the  presentation to the client and bagged the deal. Entire assignment is of 12 months and would be managing team of 2 consultant up to 3 months.

My role is to chalk out Strategic transformation roadmap for the department with focus on eGovernance and mGovernance in first two months which would be endorsed for implementation by the department.

While doing the research I came across this video :


I am looking forward to this new assignment. I have to travel frequently from Pune to Mumbai in weekends as I would be working from Mumbai on weekdays.

Also I got an opportunity to meet officials from Cooperative department and it was great. While discussing one system  which I conceptualized as a part of my previous assignment , he said “Dubeyjee, aapka ek problem hai, aap bohot door ke sochte ho” and I said to myself I KNOW :-).

Also wrote an article on Jan Dhan Yojana and KCC. It was shared by Maharashtra IT Secretary on his Facebook account. It was great feeling. Hope I am going in right direction.


In which the kids are fine, shut up


Welcome to infinitefreetime dot com

A note, before I start: I had to do research and learn what the hell the difference is between Holland, the Netherlands and Denmark before writing this post.  So obviously I am supposed to be writing right now.

Anyway.  This picture’s making the rounds:

tumblr_ngp1r0FJEa1qz6f9yo1_1280Here’s what you’re supposed to do: you’re supposed to look at this picture and go arr wharglebargle kids these days yarr, and be all mad.  In case you don’t recognize it, that painting on the wall back there is Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, which isn’t actually called that officially but whatever.  The idea is that these kids– who look, to my eyes, to be maybe eighth- or ninth-graders, are in the presence of Priceless! Artwork! and instead of reverently gazing upon it they are daring to look at their phones.  Horror!  Terror! Decline of society!  Wharrgarbl!  Facebook is so angry about this, guys.

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Riding Cycle

Just bought a cycle yesterday. My office is just 3.8 kms away from my apartment. So rather than waiting for Municipality buses or hiring Auto doesn’t make sense for such short distance. Also I realized that it is very difficult for me to wake up every morning for jogging. Neither i love going Gym as it is unsustainable kind of activity for person like me.So after lot of deliberations and calculations, I bought a bicycle yesterday.

I tried the same in 2007 when I was with TCS and was based out at Pune itself. I used to go IMS in morning and then I used to go office on cycle itself. After three months cycle was stolen from society. Society was without Security Guard. Anyways, I wish to continue the same till I loose this cycle.

Anyways, society security guards were laughing when they saw me  going office on bicycle in morning. I asked  them “why ? what happened ? ” .They said that they havent seen anyone  till date who works for MNC and goes to office on bicycle. Everyone goes by car or two wheeler. I just smiled ; as I myself was blank and had no answer.

Well riding bicycle is not an easy task these days in Pune. Two wheelers drivers drive very rash as compared to four wheelers and do not follow traffic rules. Two wheelers also uses footpath for driving during traffic congestion.

Also cycling infrastructure is poor in our cities. No dedicates cycling corridors are available. I think this is another de -motivator for citizens to take up cycling for shorter distances.

Someone said that  developed countries are those countries which actually uses public transport more as compared to private vehicles. But in my opinion we must take lead and develop an ecosystem where using environmental friendly vehicles for going to work, must be acknowledged through incentives. By ecosystem I mean various sectors must encourage users to take up activities like walking,riding etc for healthy living. For ex : designing health policy with less premium who do cycling daily or companies may provide salary incentives to its employees who bring cycles or come by public transport to office as it would help companies to address parking issues in offices. Government must also come forward to provide tax relief to citizens who uses public transport and must create world class transport infrastructure to support these initiatives.

P.S: As an after thought happy New year 2015…



There are two type of people in this world, one who stay happy in whatever they get and rest who never get happy with whatever they  get.

People who belong to second group,usually get disappointed as they attach lot of expectations with everything from events to things they desire. Whereas people who belong to former group just enjoy things in hand.

I belong to unsatisfied and unhappy group of people. I usually want best out of my life and usually stay unhappy as I expect so much from everything.

Anyways now as I have moved to Pune from Mumbai, life is less hectic and simple in every aspect. Next two years or may be three, I expect to stay in Pune. Life is not so fast here as compared to Mumbai and quality of life is also great. Rented home in an apartment near my client office and it is just 3.5 km away. No traffic jams and no time wastage.

World is so small. My PwC office is in front of the IBM building on airport road. Five years ago, it was under construction, when I  was in Pune. Golf residency society is clearly visible from my floor. Pune has changed too much. Too much traffic has robbed the serenity of the place. Nowadays, bikers drive even on footpaths and all due to congestion.

Since last three weeks, I was staying at Koregaon Park in a guest house. It is still  so beautiful. Mild winter mornings are incomparable. I am always in comparison mode in my mind here when I am out in the city.

Last year was fabulous year as my favourite Party won the general elections with overwhelming majority. Germany which is my favourite team in World cup lifted the trophy. I switched the firm and moved to Pune.

New year is round the corner.Looking forward for simple 2015 ahead. I have decided to quit social media in 2015 so that i could look inwards and stay less irritated. I want to cut myself from all the social sites and read no news or opinion. Its time wastage as i usually keep thinking over it. So much information is difficult to digest .So I have decided to cut the clutter out of the life. I would read books,watch movies, listen to Music but would avoid reading news and opinions.



Skoch Award..










Award ceremony was at Indian Habitat Center.Few of these pics were taken at Noida flat 481 City View Apartment which made me nostalgic.I was literally numb.I could still feel my soul in that flat, lift,stairs,roof, kitchen, balcony ,rooms,mirrors and the belongings.Every moment which I spent there , almost everything flashed before my eyes.

My friends says that I am getting old.Greying of hairs is evident nowadays.I am scared that one day people would stop loving me ,stop appreciating me. I know not all love me but only who know me closely understands me.

I did went to all the places in Noida from city Center metro station, shared auto, ricks haws, green autos, dusty crowded roads, Shop prix mall ,Stellar IT park , CSC office, sector 18 market and that corner of sector 61 police station…..but now no point in waiting

Saw theatre for the first time in Delhi at Akshara Theatre near CP. I didn’t enjoyed it much but as my friend insisted so I joined them.

I have resigned from KPMG. Another story ends here.

” Mai zindagi to kya jiya…
Mujhe to bas zindagi ne jiya…..”