I Salute Teachers

So proud to hear from national award winning government school teacher.
a) One school principal took challenge to shut down a private school started in front of his govt school.Hard work of teachers resulted in better performance of students. In 3 years private school was closed as locals preferred govt school to private school.
b) Locals in village collected 40 lakhs to provide better amenities to local students in schools.
c) Govt school teachers claimed that they are more capable than private school teachers as usually they have to manage students from students from usually backward section of society where parent involvement is considerably less as compared to students of private schools.
d) Teachers are concerned of the new rules of no pass/fail concept up to 8th class.This has resulted poor quality of students eventually drop out after 8th class.Statistically drop out rates would decline up to 8th class but sharply increases thereafter.


Dark Ages

My reply to a professor who posted a status on Facebook regarding bad days ahead after election result.

Vidyanand Jha: I think we are now in some sort of dark ages where church used to condemn those who use to challenge its religious or political authority in those days.Church use to misguide masses by suppressing the need to attend the immediate challenges before humanity or any intervention of science etc.Only when we embraced science we ourselves helped mankind.Saved millions from untimely death.Man started flying and what not.We attended present and looked up to future and see where are we today.

Same is the case with India today where few intellectuals like Mr Aiyyer and company are misleading the masses and minorities that catastrophe is before us.We ourselves are undermining the constitutional setup and bodies by disregarding the verdict.We are the strongest democracy in the world and all checks and balances are in place.World is changing fast out there see Syria,Iran and Egypt etc etc which reinforces the faith that people are supreme and with tools like media ,social media please be rest assured.

We need to be more constructive as a society and onus is more on vigilant civil society.Please give this verdict one chance to address the present problems and see where we go from here.Looking back and carrying a baggage won’t help us in moving forward.Lets be more positive and constructive.

AAP can never succeed here coz like all of us they just critisize,they just blame others they don’t have solution actually of immediate challenges before nation.We both can disagree with each other but it should be constructive.We need to ask right questions and yes onus is on every one of us from all section of societies especially from intellectuals and academicians like you but in constructive manner.We all have to find answers of many unanswered problems but by asking right questions not by demeaning the verdict,by collective action but not by sharing opinions like church which of no use.

Reading to Write


Quoth The Wordsmith

663092_26111643 You’ll often hear that in order to write, you need to read. Many prominent authors stick by it and advise aspiring writers to make a practice of always having a piece of literature on the go. It’s good advice, as long as you know that if you are reading to write, you need to look at the writing that you are reading differently. Here’s how I do it:

-Accept and note the areas that you have trouble with, whether they include dialogue, structure, characterization, setting, etc. Know and embrace the fact that you have room to improve.

-Pick a story or a book (or a few!) that really made an impression on you in terms of style, tone, and connection. It should be something that you don’t mind reading again, and that you would give a glowing review.

-Read the story slowly. Take your time. Figure out how that story…

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Secular State

I was trying to understand the concept of secular state and I found an interesting observation on wiki. “Not all legally secular states are completely secular in practice.”Two nations are mentioned under this criteria namely France and India.

In France for example, many Christian holy days are official holidays for the public administration, and teachers in Catholic schools are salaried by the state.In India, the government gives a subsidy in airfare for Muslims going on Haj pilgrimage. In 2007, the government had to spend Rs. 47,454 per passenger.

Secularism also has various guises which may coincide with some degree of official religiosity. In the United Kingdom, the head of state is still required to take the 1688-enacted Coronation Oath swearing to maintain the Protestant Reformed religion in the United Kingdom and preserve the established Church of England.

Today a party which proposes reservation on religious grounds which is unconstitutional to lure the vote of a particular community.Which definition of secularism should we buy today ?

People prefer to go abroad to ( for study or work ) a developed state/nation but from there they want secular state back at home first but not developed state.Why?

Mount Everest and its people: Photographers offer prints to raise money for those affected by landslide

Mount Everest and its people: Photographers offer prints to raise money for those affected by landslide

Tribute to Sherpas…

TED Blog

Sherpas-fund A Sherpa returns down the Khumbu Icefall. Photo: Aaron Huey

The epic beauty of Everest has long enchanted photographers Aaron Huey (watch his TED Talk), James Balog (watch his talk) and Teru Kuwayama (read more about this TED Fellow). The three now turn their lenses on the quiet heroes of the mountain, to raise money for the families and community of the 16 Sherpas killed in a landslide last week.

Huey spent last weekend pulling together the Sherpas Fund, asking Balog, Kuwayama and seven other photographers who’ve worked closely with Sherpas in the past to donate prints of them and of Everest’s breathtaking landscapes. The fund has raised $115,000 for the Sherpa community so far and will continue through Tuesday, April 29.

“I have been at a loss for what to do in these days after the Everest tragedy,” writes Huey, who got help from Outside’s…

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Because the problem is us. Me, you, all of us…

This one …pushed me to silence…

Mohan Bhargav: I’m only speaking of things I’ve experienced while living here. And that is that we keep fighting among ourselves when we must fight against illiteracy, over-population & corruption. Everyday, in our streets & homes, each one of us keeps saying their is no future of this country. This country is on the path of destruction. If we keep saying this, we will one day actually land up there. You’ll need to do something about this. You too! Not just the members of the Panchayat but everyone in the village. You’re blaming Panchayat for your problems. But when you step into their shoes, you’ll do the same thing. This applies to me too. The dalits blame the brahmins and brahmins claim that their piety is despoiled by the dalits. The blacksmith & potter blame the moneylender. The land owners blame the peasants, but they don’t give them their rights. In what way are we great then? If we have problems in the village, we point our finger at the State and the State at someone else. We all are finding fault with each other! But the true fact is that we’re all to be blamed. Because the problem is us. Me, you, all of us…

Fir hum Mahan kaise hue…?

Why we are stuck on 1984,Godhra,Gujarat, Muzzafarnagar….? We have arrays of issues in front of us and we are raking these petty issues and for whom..?? Why don’t we just come together and solve all challenges before nation…we need to do something…but problem is us,Me,You,all of us….