Riding Cycle

Just bought a cycle yesterday. My office is just 3.8 kms away from my apartment. So rather than waiting for Municipality buses or hiring Auto doesn’t make sense for such short distance. Also I realized that it is very difficult for me to wake up every morning for jogging. Neither i love going Gym as it is unsustainable kind of activity for person like me.So after lot of deliberations and calculations, I bought a bicycle yesterday.

I tried the same in 2007 when I was with TCS and was based out at Pune itself. I used to go IMS in morning and then I used to go office on cycle itself. After three months cycle was stolen from society. Society was without Security Guard. Anyways, I wish to continue the same till I loose this cycle.

Anyways, society security guards were laughing when they saw me  going office on bicycle in morning. I asked  them “why ? what happened ? ” .They said that they havent seen anyone  till date who works for MNC and goes to office on bicycle. Everyone goes by car or two wheeler. I just smiled ; as I myself was blank and had no answer.

Well riding bicycle is not an easy task these days in Pune. Two wheelers drivers drive very rash as compared to four wheelers and do not follow traffic rules. Two wheelers also uses footpath for driving during traffic congestion.

Also cycling infrastructure is poor in our cities. No dedicates cycling corridors are available. I think this is another de -motivator for citizens to take up cycling for shorter distances.

Someone said that  developed countries are those countries which actually uses public transport more as compared to private vehicles. But in my opinion we must take lead and develop an ecosystem where using environmental friendly vehicles for going to work, must be acknowledged through incentives. By ecosystem I mean various sectors must encourage users to take up activities like walking,riding etc for healthy living. For ex : designing health policy with less premium who do cycling daily or companies may provide salary incentives to its employees who bring cycles or come by public transport to office as it would help companies to address parking issues in offices. Government must also come forward to provide tax relief to citizens who uses public transport and must create world class transport infrastructure to support these initiatives.

P.S: As an after thought happy New year 2015…


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