There are two type of people in this world, one who stay happy in whatever they get and rest who never get happy with whatever they  get.

People who belong to second group,usually get disappointed as they attach lot of expectations with everything from events to things they desire. Whereas people who belong to former group just enjoy things in hand.

I belong to unsatisfied and unhappy group of people. I usually want best out of my life and usually stay unhappy as I expect so much from everything.

Anyways now as I have moved to Pune from Mumbai, life is less hectic and simple in every aspect. Next two years or may be three, I expect to stay in Pune. Life is not so fast here as compared to Mumbai and quality of life is also great. Rented home in an apartment near my client office and it is just 3.5 km away. No traffic jams and no time wastage.

World is so small. My PwC office is in front of the IBM building on airport road. Five years ago, it was under construction, when I  was in Pune. Golf residency society is clearly visible from my floor. Pune has changed too much. Too much traffic has robbed the serenity of the place. Nowadays, bikers drive even on footpaths and all due to congestion.

Since last three weeks, I was staying at Koregaon Park in a guest house. It is still  so beautiful. Mild winter mornings are incomparable. I am always in comparison mode in my mind here when I am out in the city.

Last year was fabulous year as my favourite Party won the general elections with overwhelming majority. Germany which is my favourite team in World cup lifted the trophy. I switched the firm and moved to Pune.

New year is round the corner.Looking forward for simple 2015 ahead. I have decided to quit social media in 2015 so that i could look inwards and stay less irritated. I want to cut myself from all the social sites and read no news or opinion. Its time wastage as i usually keep thinking over it. So much information is difficult to digest .So I have decided to cut the clutter out of the life. I would read books,watch movies, listen to Music but would avoid reading news and opinions.



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