Skoch Award..










Award ceremony was at Indian Habitat Center.Few of these pics were taken at Noida flat 481 City View Apartment which made me nostalgic.I was literally numb.I could still feel my soul in that flat, lift,stairs,roof, kitchen, balcony ,rooms,mirrors and the belongings.Every moment which I spent there , almost everything flashed before my eyes.

My friends says that I am getting old.Greying of hairs is evident nowadays.I am scared that one day people would stop loving me ,stop appreciating me. I know not all love me but only who know me closely understands me.

I did went to all the places in Noida from city Center metro station, shared auto, ricks haws, green autos, dusty crowded roads, Shop prix mall ,Stellar IT park , CSC office, sector 18 market and that corner of sector 61 police station…..but now no point in waiting

Saw theatre for the first time in Delhi at Akshara Theatre near CP. I didn’t enjoyed it much but as my friend insisted so I joined them.

I have resigned from KPMG. Another story ends here.

” Mai zindagi to kya jiya…
Mujhe to bas zindagi ne jiya…..”


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