I Salute Teachers

So proud to hear from national award winning government school teacher.
a) One school principal took challenge to shut down a private school started in front of his govt school.Hard work of teachers resulted in better performance of students. In 3 years private school was closed as locals preferred govt school to private school.
b) Locals in village collected 40 lakhs to provide better amenities to local students in schools.
c) Govt school teachers claimed that they are more capable than private school teachers as usually they have to manage students from students from usually backward section of society where parent involvement is considerably less as compared to students of private schools.
d) Teachers are concerned of the new rules of no pass/fail concept up to 8th class.This has resulted poor quality of students eventually drop out after 8th class.Statistically drop out rates would decline up to 8th class but sharply increases thereafter.


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