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Awards, Appraisal and Ambitions

On Career front, I got promoted to Assistant Manager by the firm.But hey what is so unique about this promotion. ? Well, I got promoted with in 24 month after joining the firm as Senior Consultant.But I got promoted even without a basic discussion with my manager.Sound Stange.Yes.

Appraisal are of two kind one is theoretical and other is practical. Theoretical appraisals are those which we read in HR Management during our MBA courses or in theory from HR managers mailers or sessions.Practical appraisals are those which happens with all employees in reality. There are other differences as well. Theoretical Appraisals strives towards objective assessment but practical assessment is when everything turns up subjective and relative. TA are rational and transparent whereas PA are irrational (supported by scientific/management jargons). TA objective is to ensure talent precedes hard work where as PA it could be anything other than Hardworking or Talent.So bottom line is TA is myth and PA is reality.

I got opportunity and went to say thanks to my Manager and where I also shared my aspiration regarding future promotion. He flatly refused to even consider the subject that I have chance to get promoted next year as well.I changed the question and asked what you expect me to do so that is I achieve those objectively I should be considered next year as well. He told me that many parameters are at play like business health, projects health,scenario, etc etc, which are responsible for your promotion.I wasn’t convinced.

Observation which is bothering me is that HR management concepts (Performance Appraisal, 360 degree feedback,Bell Curve etc etc) are helping management but not firm/organisations or employees.When all these HR management concepts are striving to bring the bring the objectivity into assessment rather than depending on subjectivity into assessment.Bottom line is no matter how hard you work you would get promoted in fixed tenure like Government.

Well may be I am sounding more aggressive or ambitious.But I see hypocrite attitude in organisations related to double standards on CTC ie incentives and performance analysis.Management would use the trick of keeping objectivity in salary structure but subjectivity on performance appraisal.In my opinion both are interlinked and both need to be assessed objectively.If in any firm I cannot discuss my rating with my peers or in other words I have to hide it then what is the probability that I am assessed objectively.Remember school days when we could see what other have scored and enquire on what basis marks was given to him/her.Parents used to go on teacher-parents day scrutinising answer sheets for any calculation mistake or discrepancy.That was fair system of appraisal as it sets responsibility or accountability on teachers.It means great responsibility but here in appraisal it is not the case.

Interesting observation was made by a professor on TV today stating his observation that in our country after a billionaire there would be only few millionaire say 10-12 in number.So point is wealth is not getting distributed equitably.I don’t know what my top boss is earning what is bonus % in same financial year in comparison with in middle level management or lower levels.Company must have obligation to bring these figures in public of each practise which could be debated.It is not ethical for few to claim big chunk of margins where few struggle make their ends meet.



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