Vote for Candidate or Party ..

One Facebook post by my friend made me think about who to vote for Candidate or Party..?? I replied

Though I wasn’t tagged but I couldn’t resist here…Well I have different opinion here as I am not convinced by the concept of vote for candidate only not party.Even in mature democracies like America or Germany both criteria ie candidate and party are considered equally important (even in biparty system) . Thus they have ensured mechanism to give equal weight age to both during election unlike here in India.For ex in Germany voters have two votes: with their first they elect a member of Parliament for their constituency, with the second they vote for a party as they follow more mature system ie mixed member representational system.

Also this election is not for local assembly thus many factors like stand on national issues vis-a-vi local parameters plays important role which cannot be ignored. You can’t vote on candidate credentials as important matters like foreign policy,defence etc etc may take back seat against local issues. Actually it is an utopian system assuming voters are supreme and everything is left for them to decide.

Also I have issue with people yelling for using NOTA.There is a rider associated with it as it is not right to reject. Former election commissioner explains that nota is to ensure secrecy of the voter wanting to make a choice that amounts to abstention, and also to ensure that nobody casts a bogus vote in his place.

Stop taking such discussions on face values….


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