Well ,yesterday I received a congratulations email from HR team of the firm.I opened the email to update myself that i have completed 2 years with the firm.Time flies too fast.Email was system generated with no personal touch from the configured system of people centric organization.

Last two years were action packed years of my life. First year was full of action. Got super employee award within 6 month but after which my manager left the firm and all changed.


Managing team of 3 consultants was tough due to my rigid and pushing attitude. I learned , literary every single day on this assignment.Key learning could be summarised below :

a) In the end it is just about you and your attitude.
b) Hard work never go waste.
c) Stress is circumscribed under radius of your ownership of the problem/situation ie smaller the better.
d) Every dog has its day.
e) Never Burn the Bridges.

I love this job as I get exposure to so diverse areas which kills the monotonous aspect of the assignment/ job. No two days are same in this job. I could see the impact.I have achieved the following while working with Cooperative department of Maharashtra

a) Completed online digitisation of 1.80 lakh of cooperative societies.
b) Implemented Online Audit Tracking application
c) Implemented Online system Mandatory returns
d) implemented Online crop loan management system
e) Implemented Online deemed conveyance Management System
f) Help-desk for Cooperative Department

Our team achieved following:

a) Sugar Commissionerate portal
b) Directorate of Marketing Portal
c) Commissionerate of Cooperation Portal

I admire two guys in my organisation our KPMG India CEO Mr Richard Recky
and a partner Mr Amber Dubey.I love the way they do the talking.I wish I would be able to achieve the heights they have achieved.I respect the hard-work behind their achievements.

BTW I hate Honey Singh …. Also I have observed a common phenomenon among all lyricist these days to write songs which is more pathetic than his contemporary. They all encourage youths to boooze to get Niravana….make college a disco …and insult or bash women. Just irks me.To my horror they consider themselves youth icon and consider proud of their achievements.

I have just completed series Baharat Ek Khoj. I would write the reflections in my next posts as it stirred me.



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