I just saw this banner on Facebook wall.


It lead to so many random thoughts all of a sudden.In every bollywood movie, barring Ranjhana recently, Lead male and female actor, has to be of fair complexion apart from good looking features. Even on TV ,only fair actors could be seen in all daily soaps irrespective of character or role requirement.We , as a country seems to be obsessed with fairness as zealots.Is it symptom of any kind of inferiority complex of our society or of our nation as a whole ? Why Akbar role was played by Hrithik Roshan who looks more like Greek God but not like 5 feet tall Mughal emperor ? Abraham Lincoln was most loved president of USA who was incredibly ugly in appearance but his vision was beautiful. Thankfully Spielberg didn’t chose Brad Pitt to play the role.All kudos to DDL.

I think we need to re look at our society’s definition of Heroism which has more to do with acceptance especially social acceptance.This situation is just not decade old but I guess it is gift of colonisation and globalisation to us and to many other colonies.I still remember a guest lecture on Effect of globalisation on indigenous societies in Tibet. Lecturer did her decade long study at Tibet and told us about the visible changes in local natives .She noted that due to globalisation and pouring western travellers , local natives are now slowly absorbing western lifestyle ( dressing, talking,food habit etc).Most shocking of revelation was about the growing unhappiness among youths over their looks. They are not happy about their height, eyes vis a vis westerners and senior society people are finding it difficult to address such issues. Society happiness index is falling.

Here I see advertisement of fairness creams which shows users about benefit of using the same. As per me it proves that as a society we have reached a tipping point where we are only left to hear and buy the arguments of companies which sells such products to us.We as a society are missing guidance of wise people like Swami Vivekanandji. As a society, we are more concerned about our looks, dressing to appear more presentable ( to sell in market) rather than working on self development.Swami Vivekanand went to North America after begging door to door in India to attend Seminar on Religions . He ended up as most respected, appreciated eloquent Speaker where he introduced true Hinduism to the world. He was in torn clothes and when asked about his appearance he said to the reporter with lot of pride and confidence ” Sir, may be in west man is judged by the clothes he wears but in our country he is judged solely by his character !!!…”

In South East Asia, fairness is very sought after feature by individuals these days.Strangely, all our gods in scripture ( Ram, Hari / Krishna,Shiv etc ) male counter part especially , are described with dark complexion but with beautiful godly features in our scriptures.

We need to trust more on our abilities or talent for cracking any interview or getting a job rather than complexion.Brown people are doing wonders out there in west so why we need to fight with our skin tone for selling ourselves in our own country.West also symbolised as land of opportunity where merit is only acceptable form of individuality unlike our country these days.

About me : I m having average brown tone skin. I would be lying if I would submit that I never aspired of fair complexion and never tried anything to improve the shade of complexion. After almost so many years of experimenting I have realised that you cannot improve the complexion with any of these suggested options by marketers. You could just maintain it or deteriorate it. I tried these things so that I could be more acceptable ( or sought after) as an individual among my group of friends or among my relatives in short to increase my social acceptability quotient.
Trust me nothing works…..

I went to Jaipur for our offsite where during leisure time we visited a heritage resort. There I met a palmist who told me few things about my future like :

a) I would live till age of 70.
b) I would have children very late after marriage.

So who cares…..??

I m starting my separate blog on Consulting soon where I would only share my work experience in consulting domain.May be in future it might help me only or would revisit my today’s life after my retirement.Why average life is so long…??

Idea is to separate personal space and official space.



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