Mumbai, Work


Sent this measage to my roommate today:

Sorry yar…dnt knw these days i m behaving wiered with everyone..i m very irritated to the core..using abusive language very frequently reflects that..i m very turbulent as of now….i m very mis managed ..dnt knw where it wld end..i never make issues out of such silly issues…my work is affecting me a lot nd slowly i m getting instutionalized

Well, i m happy with what i do and i love doing it but there are some other parameters related my jobs which are affecting me for long. It is getting stressful day by day.

Situation is so worse that i have started getting up around 6:30 am for working on my assignments.

I think i m badly missing a mentor.I do not know if it is my perspective which is wrong or its my attitude or my hunger for perfection which the root cause of this situation.I have no clue about areas of improvement or how to align my career aspirations with what i m doing today.

Last year i was awarded by Rising Star award and today i m struggling with everything at my job.I have started getting nightmares about my work issues.

Today my colleague asked me about my black circles, greying hairs, and about my complexion.I m deteriorating.

Forget it.

I m not reading any book as of now.

I saw Bhag Milkha Bhag recently.I was curious to know about Sonam Kapoor’s character and her role after her marriage. How she used to feel when she use to read about Milkha’s achievement in newspaper or hear it on Radio? Why director missed this aspect ? At times someone’s belief also makes you attain something which you yourself have never dreamt about it.

Noble Prize… :((


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