Today I saw a movie named Hachiko which is based on a story of a dog.This dog was rescued by his Master a professor who found him on a station.His master was a professor who raised him at his home.Dog used to daily accompany his Master upto nearest Railway station in Morning and used to wait for him in evening at 5pm.One day his Master dies due to Heart Attack but dog continues to wait for him till last train of the day.This continued till 9 long years and dog dies at station itself.

This movie is inspired by the true incident in Japan.Locals erected a bronze statue of the dog at train station.It is about loss as defined by someone as :”Loss is the only word which could only be felt and experienced but cannot be defined by someone appropriately.”

No one could ever understand how to explain him that his master is no more and now it is not required to wait for him.But he does as his routine.Now interesting part is we as a human being can share our grief, feelings, emotions with each other but what about these animals and especially pets.How suffocating it must be to keep everything upto yourselves and just keep waiting for someone or something for rest of your life ?

I would never encourage myself to have a pet as I know I would get attached to it and then again it would be difficult for me to manage the void.I see people in nearby park walking with at most 3-4 pet dogs, with children or spouses.

Then there is another movie Cast Away where a survivor of plane crash lands into unmanned island and he stays there alone with football for many years till he escape on a self made boat.Government and company declares him dead after search and rescue operation in Pacific Ocean.But this man comes back to find out that he is declared dead and his wife got re-married.He accepts the fate and leaves.

I find the wait common in both stories.Endless and unfruitful wait in both cases.I too have stopped waiting for so many things now.



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