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It occurred to me accidentally that its been almost 7 and more years since i m living in room.Room not home.At home there used to be no such concept of personal room as every resource is used to qualify as public good.As i grew up, i never thought of demanding personal room.I remember i pasted poster of Mark Waugh on the door of the room.I never dared to paste the poster of favourite heroine or rock star at home. But everyone at home has his/ her favourite place to eat , read, sleep or study.Even I used to have those identified places at home.Even today I prefer to sit in kitchen and eat while reading newspaper, or drink tea sitting on my study table while reading a book or listening radio.

During my graduation days , i get to know friends who used to live in rented apartments(rooms) . I found it really exciting and used to spend time at my friends places as there used to be no restriction on anything.It was fun.I use to visit friends who used to keep their place clean,tidy and orderly.But few of friends used to live like pigs. There everything used to be on floor from books to t shirts to newspapers to assignments including themselves .But there i could throw my shoes near door,i could sing when i want to without caring about what others would think of me, look in mirror and make faces.But i had to come back to home as my Father never used to permit for a night-out as it seemed to be an alien concept to him.

Day came when i got selected in TCS and packed my stuff to explore my world on my own as a free bird.So my first room which i was allocated fir 3 months at Executive Hotel at Trivandrum which i shared with a guy named Himanshu. I hardly used to do anything to maintain it as it used to be serviced like a hotel room.Actually it was a hotel turned to executive guest house for interns.Lot of coconut trees and unlimited greenery used to give very pleasant view.I used to come to my room , thrilled and excited and used to be too busy to catch up with new friends . Also never ending assignments ensured to awake us late nights.

Then i was posted at Pune and i landed with Kapil who was doing MBA. Before landing Pune it was decided that i was going to stay with Kapil. There i got to meet Abhishek as my third room mate.It was really the bestest time which i had spent till date.Unlimited fun, 24*7 masti and there i get to meet few other guys who were classmate of Kapil and Abhishek. Our society was the beautiful society and we had access to swimming pool and gym.

I still remember those long debates, night outs, group movies,and bike rides.I used to share a bed with Kapil and used to feel jealous with Abhishek who used to enjoy complete bed alone. Kapil used to tell me where to keep what,what to do when but i used to enjoy it. I exactly remember how my birthday was celebrated by all these guys at 2 am.

But then guys moved to other part of the city as their college shifted to new building.So i was left alone and had to look for new room mates. But some how it didnt worked out with new roommate so had to leave the place.

I joined Pathakji+Sanjay and stayed with them at their flat which used to be like a hospital room. So i asked them to look for a new room and we got a new flat nearby.We spent almost 2 years there.Window and balcony used to be my favourite place and i missed it today as well. In morning everything used to turn golden in my room with sun flooding its sunlights through window. In background i could hear chirping birds and running squirrels near my window.But like all good things my tenure came to an end when I decided to join a college in another city and gave up job to peruse MBA.I have got some unforgettable memories attached with that place. I still remember my last look at my room before leaving, I was in tears.

I joined college and stayed at hostel but I couldn’t got attached to the room. I used to hate the place as there used to be a canteen in front of my room where all the activities used to take place.I use to take abode in rooms of my batch mates. I ended up and left hostel on a really bad note.

I then moved to Noida, National Capital Region. I found and rented the beautiful flat from where I could enjoy beautiful sunset while sipping tea on 8th floor.I remember that in chilling winters I used to wake up to collect newspaper and milk from the door. I used to prepare tea while reading newspaper and sun used to rise from my window panes.Smoke from hot tea mug use to turn golden in sunlight.Pure Serenity.

Finally I moved to Mumbai and still I m not able to find a connect between me and my room.

Books on the shelves #

a) Beyond the blue mountain:These days i m reading biography of the person whom I truely admire most ; “Jeh”. Written by R M Lala.I m so impressed by the life of Jeh. While walking on the lanes of Mumbai now I m able to identify the legacy left by TATA’s which is truly phenomenal and inspirational.Best lines I have read so far ..

At times,it involved suppressing yourself.It is painful but necessary..To lead men, you have to lead them with affection.”



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