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I posted my last post last year in December. I haven’t wrote anything in last two months.Lot of travelling, important project review meeting and hectic work schedule was the theme of transition from 2012 to 2013.Indeed It was absorbing and hectic time period.

Well last year was sort of mixed bag for me on professional and personal front. I m thankful to almighty for everything happened to me in 2012. Everyone should be thankful as it is important to be humble and modest about all good or bad things.Few good lessons which I learnt last year are as follows :
a) You are entirely on on your own in every aspect of life.
b) Hard work never go waste.Sooner or later you get paid.
c) It is more important to be happy than right or wrong.
d) Love is just one aspect of life not entire life .
e) Everyone grows old and it’s natural it helps u being more modest.
f) You can’t change or control others but you could change yourselves it is relatively simpler option.
g) If you want to live then live in present not in past.
h) At times it is important and ok to say NO.

Well I do not believe in new year resolutions so I don’t waste time in planning resolutions. Yesterday only I bought this iPad 3 and I m posting this post from iPad only.Hope it would help me in posting regularly .

Lot of travel is on the card it seems as almost every other week I m in flight or train.I would like to travel to at least couple of dream destinations from my list of places to go before I die.

Would keep you updated !!!



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