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Phenomenon !!

Day : Saturday 1 Dec 2012

Well while travelling in train from Nanded to Mumbai and pondering over last few days activities i came across an interesting phenomenon in my life.People who i get along really well are those who i couldnt stand initially and reverse is equally true.I have a reason to explain the first phenomenon i.e. i m very judgemental and opinionated individual.Second phenomenon i cant explan as i dont have any clue about it.

Something i saw which disturbed me and i posted it on facebook:

” Today while en route to attend a meeting at Collectorate in one of the district of Maharashtra i saw an OLD handicap man dragging himself on the road. Do not know where he was heading towards but it must be something important as he was dragging his body by bare hands with a bag flinched in this mouth. Then i came across the article on my phone which disclosed that government spent 2,891.77 crore …(in just 5 years) on Piligrim subsidy. Since then i m grappling with few questions : Who is true minority today (who could fetch votes or who cant) ? Who should be rehablitated in main stream ? Who should be really appeased (who could fetch votes or who cant) ? How much a wheel chair rehablitation scheme would have cost (at least not 2,891 crore.) ? P.S : I do not know the religion or caste of the old man… Old man chose to drag himself on the road …so should I….”
I really have no clue about how to change this or will i ever be able to do something for such people.During discussion with a Banker and Thesildar(Local Official for cluster of villages) an old women came to our table and asked me look into a form which she presented to me for scrutiney.Before i could look into the form one of the peon asked her to leave and wait outside.She burst out and told me that she is coming for this issue since last few days daily and still it is not resolved. I was helpless and i was told by the official that whole day we have to resolve such grievances.I asked myself why they should come all the way from village to claim what they deserve ? Why still we (government and technology consultants) havent made life easier for these people.
I discussed with official and understood that we could deliver payments of social beneficiary schemes in the village itself through Business Correspondent model. Though there is nothing new in this concept but this model isnt replicated across other states.I have taken up challenge to implement a piliot project to ensure direct Cash transfer at doorstep of all the beneficiaries of the chosen village.I was part of similar experience in Andhara Pradesh few years back.I hope i would be able to capitalize on my experience and would be able to deliver the benefit throught the proposed system.I would like to make clear that District where i m working as Guardian Consultant is not among the chosen district where Government of India would implement Direct Cash Transfer with UIDAI.I also advised local administrators to made all the forms available to them through CSC network.This would reduce the footfalls of villagers in the local offices and would also help CSC operators to earn revenue.
Now I m really exhausted and tired because of this fieldvisits and back to back meetings with my District administrators/Scheme Administrators/Bankers and local Coordinators.But trust me i loving it.This what i always wanted to do in my life.I could connect the dots now.Wish me all the luck you have !





While returing back to station i was asked by District Administrator to visit a famous temple of Lord Shiva its among one of the Jyotirlinga.I think myself blessed as i get this opportunity to visit these piligrimages.But i didnt like the special treatment extended to me because of instructions of head of administration.I was escorted by Head of the Temple and they made me bypassed the queue in which hundered other people were standing for their turn.This is how system works.I was taken to GarbhGriha of the temple which was underground and where one cannot stand.So every one have to take the stairs and then bend on knees to reach the Shivling.There was unique peace and calmness there.We offered our prayers to the god and came out.Then they dropped me at station and i boarded the train to Mumbai.
I would like to thank my District Collector who made special arrangements for me at Guest House, arranged a drop to Station and entrusted me with responsbility with his administration support.

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