I want to be worlds most influential consultant .

Dated : 23 November 2012

Place : Mumbai

By the way,today i got the appreciation from existing client from Secretary of the Department and the two employees of the client department.We proposed the IT based Video Conferencing Solution on the net.He was  happy to see the demo of Microsoft Lync 2010 which is desktop based Video Conferencing Solution. By deploying this solution we would reduce the expenditure on travelling of officials and would help in better collaboration among the officials.

Today we also met Chief Secretary of the state.He really inspired me with his vision. Till date i use to hear from my colleagues about his intellect and hard work. I must say i was impressed when i heard him speaking about his opinion about how we should work with Government  but not as government, how we could really improve the life of millions from who we really work. People who think government do nothing for its citizen they should come and meet these officials.I was surprise to see the energy levels and enthusiasm in this age as he is about to retire.I salute you Sir.

Well i have been assigned the District in Maharashtra to take care of e-Governance initiatives and work with Collector and ZP CEO. Trust me i m really excited as all my life i really wanted to do this. I m really connecting the dots in my life now.I m really enjoying this.I have to travel to the HIngoli district and assess the current projects and conceptualize few new ones. Good thing about my job is satisfaction you get when you achieve success which really helps its intended beneficiary.The Butterfly Effect.

Would keep you updated.

I m loving it


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