Are we really ready for F1 ??

Formula One smitten India last month (exactly last year).Every news channel ,news paper make it a point to give every information available with them to their viewers.

Few facts have smitten me about this so called sport ( though i do not understand much about this sport) are listed below:

a) Jaypee pays F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone around $40 million a year as licence fee to bring the race to Greater Noida while it makes money through gate sales. Last year, JPSI made Rs 100 crore from ticket sales.

b) Building this state-of-the-art facility has cost the Jaypee Group $200 million for construction alone.

c) During a typical season a Formula One team will use over 200,000 litres of fuel for testing and racing.

What a waste ? This is it !

Now please excuse me from sharing my views on this sport. Few questions which are still boggling me since last year were : Are we really ready for all this as a country ?Are we matured enough  as a country to appreciate the beauty of this sport ? Is this is a sport which really glorifies human achievements or triumphs  ? and lists goes on..

To make it worse state government granted exemption from entertainment tax, luxury tax, electricity duty, VAT, trade tax and sales tax for investing Rs 777.04 crore in Special Development Zone along the Yamuna Expressway.The Jaypee group had said the investments had sports as the core activity as Rs 600.13 crore was spent for land acquisition and Rs 176.91 crore for construction of a F1 race track including its design and engineering, cricket stadium, internal development and other expenses.Now these exemptions were misused as these exemption policies  were drafted to encourage builders to invest to bring up infrastructure for citizens. This is really sad on tax payers behalf but this is how it works.Lets not discuss plight of farmer in same state facing electricity cuts and land related issues.

Now my major concern with this so called sport is related to fuel. It may be fun or sounds exciting/thrilling in western world/first world county to waste non renewable fuel for  sake of mere entertainment( noise ). But there is no such concept of Free Lunch as someone somewhere is paying cost of this wastage. That’s Butterfly effect.Greenhouse effect, CO2 emissions, wars for oil wells on the name of Sovereignty, oil exploration by countries..(oops Oil Corporation), increase in per barrel price of oil and increase in price in third world countries, increase in poverty,crime are all related.To sum it up it is slap on the face of poor who earn less than a dollar in my country. Still i fail to understand  how it helps us as a nation just by building a F1 circuit in our country? Have we lost our rationality as a civilization ? Cant we see who  all are party to this sport.

King of Good times ?? King  of Bollywood ??Yes Picture speaks more than thousands of words.

Well I m at my home and celebrating festival of lights with my family.I think festivals now hold significant value in our changing setup of society.It brings family members together from different cities for family reunion may be for few days.It feels so good to see enlightened faces of parents and siblings,relatives,friends,your deserted home,street, or shops.When you are at home you no need to care about breakfast, lunch, dinner and ofcourse unlimited love. Very well said by someone :  ” A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it “.

BTW : Happy Deepawali to all of you  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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