Life in a Metro

I m in Mumbai since last 8 months. Yesterday while jostling to get down from a local train i realized how quickly i have adapted to this city.I always used to preach all my friends in Mumbai to shift to a better place than Mumbai like Pune, Hyderabad. Earlier I used to hate the very setup of this City. But somehow I ended up here last February.


Initially I was shifted to Guest house of KPMG for a month. I took a flat near the KPMG guest house due its close proximity to South Mumbai. I now adapted to the pace of this city, its people and its culture. Things which i notice day in day out is mentioned below :

Home or Pigeon Hole : Every time i look out of my window i  see  50 other windows in a building facing our building.These windows also gives me glimpse of family occupying the flat.In morning i observe  uncle/aunty sipping tea/coffee while reading newspaper aside window to start the day.I could see pigeons flying here and there,cleaner washing cars,milkman rushing to deliver milk everyday.I could see children studying or eating window side.I still remember it took me months to accustomed to this when i first shifted here.I could see ladies/maids cooking in the kitchen.I could see children playing on weekends.

Though I dont like such setup. It so impersonal.I dont like this but do i have any choice till i m here in Mumbai.

Jams & Jams & Jams:Traffics pangs are not new but these days its getting intolerable.People end up in spending daily on an average two to three hours in travelling alone.Infrastructure is  not in place to accommodate so many vehicles on the road.All i could see is long queues of cars and cars moving at snails pace.People prefers long sedans and with cheap and available loans everyone could buy and afford a  big car to add traffic vows.I made an observation that in 80% of cars hardly there is only a single passenger (other than Driver).But in public transport like bus or local trains every inch is packed with so many people. City’s Public Infrastructure is really in poor shape.

I was reading an article of IBM CTO on smart Cities.How technology helps in clearing traffic jams by smart systems regulating traffic light based on traffic analysis . Traffic Analysis is done on the data captured by various CCTV,sensors to gauge the inflow and outflow of the traffic. This is what Predictive Intelligence could do for city infrastructure.Really Smart.

Too Pricey:Everything is getting too expensive.House Rent, Taxi, Food everything seems to be pricey.Recently one financial newspaper published the article that you need to earn 20L per annum to buy a property in Mumbai.Trust me i have no plans either to buy in anything in Mumbai.

What i like about Mumbai …

a) Pace : City is on the move round the clock. It means Business. It means opportunity is available in every corner of the city.Every corner you would find a seller selling something or the other in subway or on street. City never lets anyone down.I heard people works in shift in different jobs.It is amazing it could accommodate many people from different nations, states of different caste , creed and color.

b) Food : You dont have to search for food  here in Mumbai.Just look at your right side  or left  side and you would surely find something to grab and eat.Every cuisine  is available in this city.Cheap food, costly food, fast food, home made food you could find around you.

c) Culture : As per me it has it own culture.This is true globalized city in every sense.So many religions and people coexists and flourish here. Parsis, Gujratis,Marwaris  and list is endless. Work wise people are professional unlike Delhi or Calcutta. Hard-work is rewarded more than anything here.Every festival is celebrated here with same joy and participation.

d) Architecture : Come and See what Brits left for us.Magnanimous buildings with amazing architecture.Beautiful lanes with trees, parks,well paved streets, art galleries.

Books in the shelves #

My Experiments with Truth : Still Reading and getting Inspired.I m trying fasting for self purification.I also realize how less i know i about my own religion.

Well now i m all alone here at my place as all my roommates have left for home to celebrate Durga Puja and Vijay Dashmi.



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