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Experiments with Truth

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My experiments with Truth:-

It is a very engaging autobiography. At places i felt Gandhiji biography would have appealed more if it had been a biography rather than autobiography as it would eliminate the scope of self righteousness in every chapter . But he himself has bluntly written about his conduct, his life, his opinion in his book which makes it more interesting read.

After every few chapter Gandhiji brings back the subject of vegetarian diet, Hinduism and other religion, and sanitation. I m moved by his concept of Fasting for self purification.

Read below to know Why as per Gandhiji educated men should take up journey in third class in Indian railways-


Few Beautiful lines..

Haath chhute bhi to, rishtey nahi chhuta karte
waqt ki shaakh se, lamhe nahin toda karte

Jisne peeche ret pe chode na apno kadmo ke nishaan baaki..
Aise jaane waalo ke raste nahi dekha karte..

Other one…

Aaj hum bichhade hain toh, kitne rangeele ho gaye
Meri aankhein surkh, tere haath peele ho gaye

Kab ki paththar ho chuki thee muntazir aankhe magar
Chhoo ke jab dekha toh mere haath geele ho gaye

Today an incident somehow came to my mind when one of my colleague at TCS wrote on his cubicle white board-

Its better to have a dog than a girlfriend....

He must be really arrive at it.


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