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Well it’s time to go live.

As per our project plan its time for delivering the deliverables. So here we go

a) Sugar Commissionerate Website : Site is deployed and is available at

b) Commissioner of Cooperation,Registrar of Cooperation  Society Web Site.

We have set the platform and key features are

a) Information System: Information System consisting profiles of 2.5 lakhs registered cooperative society would be available on CCRCS website. As of today we have digitized 17k registered societies which were earlier on paper with the department. In coming months  remaining societies profiles would be digitized and uploaded on public domain to bring in more transparency.

b) Statistics : Latest statistics related to financial aspects of registered cooperative societies like Share capital, Working Capital,Owned or Borrowed Fund, members, NPA etc are  available online now.  The performance of Sugar factories is also available on sugar website like crushing report,by product report etc.The performance of these societies could be assessed online. Next step would be assessment of performance  based on financial ratios.

c) Grievance Redressal System: To register citizen’s grievances online and resolve it online. Maximum grievances are related to Housing societies for which citizens have to go to the respective Registrar’s office of the city.Now citizens could log it online. The application  includes notification over phone and email.Please try this feature.

d) Government Resolutions, Notices, and Circulars : These notifications are available on website for download.

e) Schemes : Latest Schemes of government for the respective department is available for download.

f) Processes of Cooperative Society: Complete processes of cooperative society like Registration,Amedment of bylaws,Elections,Audit,Inspection,and Asisstance and recovery are documented and available on the website.

Well done team. Kudos to Aniket and Yatin who made it possible by their hardwork. I am looking forward to Marketing Website which would go live by end of this month.

Books on the Shelf:

a) The God of Small Things # Arundhati Roy: Finally reading Arundhati Roy and found it interesting. Roy has written it meticulously as while reading you feel like unfolding the layers of details one by one.It is a story about twins Easha (boy)and Rahel(girl) and details about their lives covering childhood,separation ,the world around them and  their reunion.  I couldn’t decipher the meaning of the line: Who loved me enough to let me go. 

b) A Touch of Greatness # R M LALA : Author documented his encounters with eminent personalities like JRD Tata, Vijay Merchant,Sucheta Kriplani, JP Narayan,Narayan Mutrhi,Azim Premji in this book. It is very simple to read and uncomplicated piece of work giving detailed insights about eminent personalities. I liked reading about Azim Premji,ManekShaw,and of course my all time favorite JRD Tata (who used to sleep at this library).

I get to know that before going to Cambridge, JRD was admitted to the grammar school in Mumbai (as he was born and brought up in France so he was less articulate in English). I would love to join one as I want to improve my grammar.Also learnt that NRN couldn’t attend IIT due poor economic condition of his father who was a school teacher.He still lives in a flat where he and his family does all their work by their own from cleaning utensils to washing clothes like every other middle class family. He has hardly one or two servants despite being a millionaire. He was Marxist earlier but his arrest in Belgium changed his views about Socialism.He also worked at IIM Ahemdabad as system programmer when one computer was worth 52 lakhs.

c) The Imam and the Indian : Amitav Gosh : Book is about Ghoshs experiences and memories in New York, Delhi, Iraq and his fieldwork in Egypt. Pretty engaging book to read.

At times, i really feel its such a waste to read books in this age. I think travelling is one thing which i always wanted to do but won’t be able to do when i would turn 60. I want to go to all the places one by one every year.I have jotted down list of  several places to go before i die. So to start with this year i am planning form Laddhak and Leh. Amen


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