Contribution published @ KPMG

My contribution on CyberCrime and Financial Service Sector Scenario got published and is available for download at following link :

This booklet was distributed at NASCOM event at Mumbai where KPMG was knowledge Partner.Event theme was on CyberCrime And Financial Service Sector in India.Team of 3 Consultant including me worked on it and I delivered following modules

a) Technological Risks
b) Time and Money Spent
c) Types of cyber crime
d) Statistics analysis of cyber crime
e) Key Notes

I have kept one hard copy with me as it was my first contribution and got appreciation for the same.I digged out the data from various sources like World Economic Forum, Synantec Report 2011 and many other report
Design team really designed it well and booklet looked impressive to me.

I know it not a big deal at all…but ….I feel good when I see this at the following link on KPMG India portal-


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