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Fathers Day

Sunday is the day today and only off to unwind myself.Like every other Sunday I woke up late and it was really pleasant morning as since evening it was drizzling.It was not a bright sunny morning but cloudy,dark and moist morning which made me bit more lazy today.

On Sunday one gets a chance to read newspapers in depth from city happenings,last week national and international developments,opinions, and editorials unlike weekdays with self prepared tea. Slowly sipping tea,reading and looking out of the window was a good perfect start to spend a Sunday.

While reading the newspaper I get to know today is Fathers Day. Even after finishing reading the newspaper and bathing I kept on thinking about my Father. I kept on thinking about equations between me and my father since my school days.How my father shaped me up and his influence on me and what I m today.

I do not know how he must have felt when he would have first saw me or hold me for the first time but in photos he used to look like a proud father.I remember he used to do nightshifts to take care of me and my younger brother during day time as my mother has to go to school to teach.So my mother used to prepare our tiffen box and breakfast after getting us ready before she use to leave for school.Then my father had to ensure that we go and catch school bus and when we use to miss our bus he use to drop us on his ugly scooter.Papa use to pick us from bus stop and use to listen our all useless and uneccesay demands each and every single day.Then he use to play cricket with us for an hour and then I never realized that it’s only me and my brother used to do batting and he use to do bowling ,fielding or being refree to settle dispute between me and my younger brother.I appreciated this more when I realised how boring or time wasting it is to play or pretend to play with younger ones when I was forced to play with my younger sister.Such a selfless act it was.

Then he has to go to office to work 4 pm to 1 am leaving us in our mother’s custody.We use to wait for papa at dinner break as my mother just use to make us do our homework or lessons or make us drink milk which was used to be most painful activity then for us.

Premchand beautifully wrote in one of his short story that in childhood fathers love is simple and plain unlike mothers love which is more deep and complicated which child can’t realize or value but everything changes once childhood exits.I saluted Premchand for giving words to feelings.

Papa never use to care much about studies as he was assured that mother would take care of it.He was a good sportsmen .He used to be a goal keeper in football team of his department team and volleyball player of Bhopal BHEL team.

He use to go sports complex and used to go on sports tour.Then he bought us bicycle and allowed us to join sports complex.Papa never said no to any of our justified or injustified demand.

Papa used to take me for every painting competion, cricket matches but as I grew up equation between us started changing.I chose to do my engineering from my home town itself and this contributed a lot to equation between me and my father. Unlike my other friends I was not allowed to go out after 9 pm and all my friends used to be judged by my father.So I usually never used to invite many friends at my home.

Papa always used to make me realize that it’s my golden time and always used to ask me so many questions like where am I going , with whom and why ..bla bla.I used to feel as just another oppressed rebilious young boy.

I always used to end up in one trouble or another during college days.But I wasn’t doing it intentionally.Few things just happens to you to make you realize value of people around you.May be I was exposed to world realities too early.

Though I never used to indulge in any of bad activities like drinking, smoking or other adventures which I missed while I was in my graduation.My friends used to tease me if accidentally I used to bump into them at 9 pm. I still temember day when Papa bought caller id phone extension to put check on my night calls.I used to get limited pocket money and I don’t like to ask for more from papa so I have to ask my mother or sister.So I decided that I would work hard and get a job in far off place where I don’t have to answer anybody or seeking permission to do something or to go anywhere anytime.Within one year which I spent outside I realized I was so wrong.

I admire few things about papa like way he respect his parent or my grandparent. Though me and my siblings can sit with our grandfather like friends but my father never replied him even we used to feel that at times my grandfather being unreasonable.Way he takes care of family as though at times we use to equate his care with over concern or being over protective.He is a family man.I really appreciate his Honesty which is exemplary and I admire it.

I hate his anger and uncompromising nature.I hate his rigidity towards certain aspects of life.I have inherited certain traits from him as well.Though we have differences but I always feels he is doing what he should be doing in his age and i m doing what I should be doing in my age.He is not much expressive so he never show feelings towards anybody but he is reactive in nature so am I.

I have a regret that I couldnt share or speakout so many things which I could have if equation would have bit simple.I really think twice before doing anything as i know I haven’t given you any reason to trust me.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day! Thanks for all what you have done for me.Thanks for everything you gave me.As I never said thanks even once to you till date (even today).

Though we may say hello to each other once or twice in a month but I admire you .I may not express it neither I have guts to say Sorry for everything.

And yes sorry for ramming car into tanker. :p

Sorry for copying your signature.

Sorry for letting you down so many times whenever you were called by class teacher because of one or more reason.

Sorry I couldn’t stand up to your expectation.


Books on the self

Amartya Sen-Argumentative Indians
A fantastic collection of essays on Indian history,economy, and politics. Very detailed and interesting collection of essays.

HBR-Articles like Leadership lessons from Steve Jobs ,How to build excellent teams and reverse innovation.



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