Songs I listens before I sleep#1

Why do I listen songs before I sleep ?

Yes I do listen songs before I sleep as it help me in similar ways as books helps few to catch up sleep. Since my schooldays I have been listening to songs on FM radio channel.In kitchen my mother used to switch on radio every time every time she used to work there.I remember in morning it used to be Bhajans ,news in Hindi followed by English news,then there used be half an hour show to explain classical music and movie songs based on those notes..list would go on and on upto last show at 11pm was chayageet.My mother used to read newspaper before she sleeps with radio playing melodious songs of Lata,Rafi,Kishore,Mahendra Kapur and MannaDey.While listening those songs we use to fall asleep at 10pm.So this is how I got institutionalised and as I don’t find radio channels with quality content so I use my own playlist and listen songs till I fall asleep.

Though at that point I never used to appreciate these songs as there used to be only one channel VividhBharati. Today there are more than 12 FM radio channel but they play only commercials in between repeated songs ever day and have poor quality content which they AIR today.

This song is top of my playlist as it beautifully written and sung.But it is picturized beautifully by Imtiaz Ali.


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