Miracles and Encounters with Life

Miracle  #1 : Well, yes ,Miracle does happen even today !!

As it was Saturday and that too an alternate Saturday (scheduled off). Whole calendar was booked with Meetings and Demo for the day. Three meetings were in three separate far off locations : At Nariman point, another at Seepz Mumbai and the third one was at Sion. Those who have slightest of any idea of Mumbai  they could understand the travel involved to cover theses three separate locations in a single day. I was in no mood to get up early but i woke up early as i didn’t have any other option. So with a sinking feeling I got up somehow, got ready and jumped in a taxi with the phone in my hand with newspaper. So I reached the station and paid the fare and got down to head towards the station.

While walking I felt as if someone is calling me as I was expecting the team members/Client/Vendor call in the morning but wait where is the phone ???? Gosh not again…Quickly I stopped and checked my laptop bag/trousers  and i realized I have lost it. So I was literally stunned as it was 8th phone in last two years which i have lost ( last one was Samasung Galaxy II)  and that too 3 month old Apple iPhone for which i am still paying EMIs. For the moment, I was literary blank and then two thoughts were fighting with each other in my mind. Chodd na yar ,It happens  !!  vs God please please give me back my phone should i go back and look back for taxi ??Nahi yaar usme poore office ke mails hain contacts hain and what not… Please God please return me back. How am I going to coordinate all those meetings scheduled today ??

So do not know what happened to me and i rushed to the place where i left the taxi and I couldn’t find anything there as Taxi was gone. But then  watching me looking here and there, one guy  who was standing and waiting for the bus asked me what happened ?? Have you lost something  ? and i said yes and told him about it. He said call your phone number from my cell and lets see who picks up at least we could request him/her to return back. Though I was assured at the back of my mind that i have lost it but also thought what’s wrong in trying after all it was iPhone whose 4 EMIs are still due.

I called up and nobody picked up the phone first time . But second time someone picked up and before he could say hello i started begging him.. For gad sake please …please  …please …aaap please lauta do…for god sake…mere office ke bahut saare contacts hain please ….but nobody spoke and only when i finished begging and pleading someone just told me Bhaiya aapka phone peeche reh gaya tha ,mai yahan khada hoon aap aake le jao… ( U left your phone on the back seat ,  i m standing here XYZ Location please come and collect it….).I was stunned and couldn’t believe it..it was MIRACLE…

Guy who offered his cell phone to me told me that you are lucky. I said many thanks to him and took a taxi and went to the place where the taxi guy was waiting. He handed me my phone back to me and i said many thanks. So see Miracles do happen all you need is to be optimistic.

But later in the day when i narrated this instance to my roomies they asked me what have you given to the honest guy for the deed. I admitted that I just said thanks but should have rewarded him. No i am not shrewd but it just didn’t strike me. So I am guilty till date. But this incident strengthens my belief that good people are still around.

Encounter with Life #1

While rushing towards local train i saw a blind couple with their year old kid on the platform. Lady was holding the kid in her lap and holding the arm of his husband. Her husband with his white stick was making way into the crowd to reach the compartment.  While observing from close I realized that the couple was completely blind but the kid was not blind. The kid was looking with curiosity everywhere as he/she  must be amused by the watching people running here and there. Since i saw them i am thinking that Blind couple never gets to see each other. They are in a relationship of trust as they haven’t seen each other, how he/she looks when he/she smiles, cries, gets angry or how they are growing together how they look together. How does their kid look like, how is he growing…? I tried closing my eyes and started walking but within few seconds i started feeling suffocated. Do not know how they spend all their life like this.

That’s so unfair….but that’s life

Books  on the shelve #

Right now I am reading three books these days : Absolute Khushwant, It’s just not about the bike (Lance Armstrong  Autobiography) and  Beyound The Last Blue mountain (JRD Biography).

Lance Armstrong is really good read about how he as a sportsman has pushed himself beyond human limits.Pretty encouraging. Khushwant Singh is a good and honest writer and he has his own perspective towards everything ranging from Religion to Politics etc. He claims to be emotionally strong (Blank may be) and never allowed anyone to come close as he enjoys having his own space as a writer.  Few lines which I really liked which he quoted in one of his memoirs :

If solid happiness we prize,

Within our breast this jewel lies,

And they are fools who roam.

The world has nothing to bestow  ,

From our own selves our joys must flow.

And that dear hut our home.



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