I m back !!

Last few months were really absorbing in every context be it financial, personal, and professional context.

Professionallly I m satisfied now as I just got a new job or to be more precise I got my dream job at Mumbai.Joined Management Consulting Group of KPMG as a Senior Con(sultant) and managing IT project in Government and Public Sector vertical.I just kept this news to me and few closed ones as I didn’t want to goof up like how I did previously in campus.I always wanted to do this since I was in TCS.

My current assignment is to manage IT implementation for department of cooperation,marketing and textiles.Three consultants are deputed at three separate departments taking care of some of the critical initiatives under department like digitising profiles of 2.5 lakh cooperative societies to bring their financial performance on public domain for citizens and investor, online sugar sale application etc etc.Managing government assistance schemes which disburses 12k crore through cooperative channel through a system would be a landmark milestone if we could successfully implement loan management system.As a part of project plan we are completely going to automate functioning of cooperatives (2.5 laks) from election of board members to managing its balance sheet through integrated online system upto PACS.I m guided by principal consultant whoose 25% time is allocated to this project.

As a Senior Consultant I m responsible for all three projects deliverables and roll out of applications through deputed consultants.I feel more enthusiastic about this core IT project as you get to see the change in terms of efficiency,transparency where it is really required ( this is what I told to interview panel at IRMA…so i m today connecting the dots). So finally I m really happy at work front.

I spent almost 3 months in Delhi and 5 months in Noida.Since i was in Pune personally I never liked Noida .But Delhi impressed me overall.In 2011, I travelled to Kolkotta, Lucknow, Bangluru, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhuj and ofcourse my home town.

Delhi Belly –
Delhi especially South Delhi impressed me by its posh localities,food and ofcourse crowd at select city walk.Fortunately my previous employer office was at DLF place so I used to spend my breaks with collegues at SCW.Then office moved to Noida. I always disliked Noida for personal reasons but I enjoyed company of Rahul,Amit, and Kamal for next 5 months.Winters were awesome there and used to love cooking and watching sunset from balcony.I really miss my room there.

Like past three years it’s messed up.Dont know why but it’s a fact and it’s better to duck when you know you just can’t help it.External Locus of control right :p.But I have given up being nice to friends n family or relatives for that matter.Kapil and Abhishek got married last year and good to see them happy and settled .I miss them .Yes I miss you too Navin.

I usually wonder why it’s so difficult to find people like you guys.Met Preeti and Anchal at Bangluru and it was really great to see them happy and settled.It seems nothing has changed since college days amongst us though we ocassionally meet one or twice in 3 years.

Now I m relocated to Mumbai another city where I feel lost in crowd but slowly I hv developed admiration towards the city as it never give up its dream. Everybody is trying to realize it’s dream from taxi driver to service class or business class.This city gives you rewards on the merit of hard work and yes no matter what it goes on and on and on.I usually travel to Pune city twice in a month for official purpose but trust me it haunts me still today while I walk on its street.I feel so nostalgic and miss the golden time which I had spent there.I love Pune.

Financially- Forget it !!! Bankrupt is the word . But who cares..


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