Are you on a Mission..?

Today while surfing the Harvard Business School website an article by Dan Pallota (an expert in  non profit sector innovation )grabbed my attention. Article was posted with heading : Are you on a mission ? While going through this article  few lines which made me think about more about  mission statement were :

Steve Jobs is famous for having said, “I want to make a ding in the universe.” Walt Disney, for having said of Disneyland, “I just want it to look like nothing else in the world.” Springsteen said, “More than anything else — more than fame or wealth or even happiness — I just wanted to be great.” Now these are mission statements. They yearn. They cry. They’re unequivocal. And they’re the product of the soul — the product of a passion for living and building and creating. They’re not the product of a writing exercise. And the mission is not dependent on their being broadcast to the world, because the statements are not the source of the mission. The commitment is the source of the mission. The statements are merely the byproduct of the commitment. A mission statement can’t create a commitment. And a commitment can’t be thwarted by lack of a mission statement. Nelson Mandela didn’t have a mission statement for creating a free South Africa. But man, was he on a mission

The point is, don’t put mission statements first. Get on a mission, and the other things will follow. Including the mission statement. On Apple’s site map, you can’t even find a “mission statement” link. But listen to how they talk about what they do: “Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world…Apple leads the digital music revolution…Apple is reinventing the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and has recently introduced its magical iPad which is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices.”

So mission statement  may or may not be broad-casted  to the world but i think at individual level it might hold true but for entity like organization it may  not  be the case.Organization which operates in an environment where focus is on uniqueness in order to differentiate it with its competitors  pushes organizations to define  their mission statement.But i m not capable enough to analyze or comment about organizations rationale of defining mission statement.So the question still remains with me : Statements are source of mission statement for organization ?? (Better leave it to subject experts… )

But i m more curious about the purpose of having individual mission statement. Unlike organization we individuals don’t have a webpage or a wall to state  mission statement(with no obligation to stick to it …realized during my placement season).But we do take seriously wat people talk ,what cause they stand for,what they defend and develop certain understanding of  individuals.But if it is done arrogantly judgement are even better.I remember pehle zuban ki kimat hoti thi…and to make it more funny in movie Zanzeer, Pran (He played a red-haired and bearded, tough Pathan with a heart of gold) borrows 5000 bucks by offering  his moustache hair as a collateral .

But actions speaks louder than words. Author conveys that rather than publishing mission statement better post accomplishments as Apple publishing their achievements.I m impressed  by the concept as it should not be driven by mere promises but the passion you have about something.And if there is no coherence between action and promises then personality is judged as fake.For organization it is balance sheet and Income statement but for individual it is social capital or achievements which matters. Hmm i think better to save for some other day :p

So with in one week placements would be over i wish everybody lands up where they wish to land.Nd i m looking forward to world cup song would be released De ghuma ke composed by Ehsaan Shankar n Loy next week.

Tyre di foonk nikal jaani  hai ….Manjot Singh also was recently awarded the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actor at the Filmfare . … meet the young and spunky Manjot Singh




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