My daily commutation@Hyderabad


Its part of my life now it seems to wait for direct bus# 92R  from Rajender Nagar to Assembly.It is an experience in itself to wait at bus stop then watching people getting down and new passenger struggle to find a seat before other grab that seat. To make it worse you cant help it as you  have to travel almost source to destination of the bus service 22 kms a side in peak hours.

To let you know the bus service is very prompt in Hyderabad but on all other route than mine.It starts from one end of the city to the heart of the city and if u miss the direct bus then u have to change the bus at Mehndipattam.It is economical but it takes lot of time for daily commuters. Daily commuters are students,office goers to sum up masses who cannot afford personal vehical like those in IT or high paying jobs and unlike  especially those who are on govt job or internship couldnt afford it like me.
Traffic is moderate here but public  load is more on few route which includes mine.Travelling in public transport is a job intself.I came across hundreds of people daily few looks funny, few looks sad, few tired and few with blank face.All age segment could be identified durung rush hours.Intrestingly i observed one phenomenon here in bus especially among youth that is to play music loud from mobile and irritate people sitting next. Yesterday it was my turn as person next to me was playing music from telgu movies i was not getting nething than irritating music.Then after sometime he saw my face and realuzed that i am not happy at all so he stopped the song which he was playing.i was relieved for few second and then comes the killer song – Dekha hai pehli baar sajan ki ankho mai pyaar-and gave me smile as if he decoded that i asked for hindi song and then person sitting behind me staryed singing the song. I could just laugh in my mind but i also appreciated the adjustment he did for me.

I also appreciate the fact that in bus 50 % of seats are reserved for womens.When i was new to place i was standing since i boarded the bus for more than an hour and then i found few women reserved seats vacant so i grabbed one of the seat.Then someone from behind tapped my back so i turned back and found a burqa cladden lady who was sitting in her seat wanted to say something to me.She said that these seats are reserved for womens please find another seat.I said there is no women standing becoz of me will conductor fine me or what? She said no i was just telling you.I replied that if someone would need seat then i would offer it graciously.i think she was not convncd much but i appreciate the confidence with which she put up the conncern.i have also seen few instances where womens would prefer standing even on women reserved seats males keep seating even after knowing that ladies are standing.All i could do is to just smile and checking whether any lady needs seat but no situation came as bus was vacant on next stop.
Another thing which i appreciate is that in few buses i saw women conductor which makes me more positive towards opportunities which are created by government to achieve the status of equal opportunity emploer wherever possible.
P.S. One needs to travel with headphone or with a newspaper/book to keep you engaged on the way…hey my bus is coming so my journey begins….

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