Nanded Trip- Spiritual place @ bank of river Godavari.

Well it all started with Mr Raveesh nd Mr. Archit’s  recent visit to Nanded for their  project purpose.Place is must visit for every Sikh as in one of the verse Guru Govindji says :I l wait for evry sikh to visit this place before he reaches 60 years of age.So how come my another spirutual sikh friend Mr Karanpreetji (daaarji as we all call him) afford to loose this opportunity?  So he asked me and very next moment i was IN an ON.
So on Saturday ( 4 Dec 2010 ) evening Daarji made the necessary arrangements nd by 9 o clock we boarded the bus. To introduce Daarji here is very much required so here I go:Daarji is typical Sikh munda from Faridabad. By typical i mean shy, well mannered and humurous. He is physician by profession and why he joined IRMA better ask him as being fellow IRMAN i knew wat it all sum upto.
So bus was deluxe coach which was making sound more than an airplane makes during take off,and windows were vibrating continuously. But it didnt dettered us to change our mind midway so on the way daarji alias KP gave me few insights about Sikhism,its history and its beliefs.I was surprised by the Daarji’s inclination towards the religion. When we fell asleep i dont know but i remember i woke up when bus reached Nanded around 4:30 am and it was chilling morning unlinke typical Hyderabadi mornings .To make it more worse i landed their in half sleeves Shirt and Daarji came well prepared in full kurta anf half woolen jacket.

So it was pretty chilly outside and everone was wearing sweator or quilt but it remided me my days spent at my hometown where i have to start  early as 5:30 am for my GATE classes (oops i made a reveleation but it was different story…) nd despite wearning every possible woolen it was damn impossible to drive bike even at 30 kmph.So we located ourselves and headed towards Gurudwara as already it was time for morning prayers.We reached Gurudwara in 5 mins and there we heard the sermons and chantings coming from Gurudwara saheb on the way itself.On the i spotted hotels were Parathas were written as their USP and i gave a look to daarji and he read my mind and said lets go find a room first then we l have good breakfast.People were coming from Gurudwara after morning Darshan and having tea at langer at Gurudwara.We got a room in yatri vishramalay @ 200 rupees for a day. Room provided us relief from the chilling temperature outside.

We woke up after 3hours and then after completing chores we were ready for visiting the Gududwara’s. Gurudwara is inside phenomenal 3 storey building made up of marble stone with the temple having the gold plating at the center of the premise. Initially it gave me the look of the fort structure with temples inside it which was beautifully constructed by Raja Ranjeet Singhji despite being warned by family priest.Story goes like this that Guru Goving Singhji told that whosoever would construct a Gurudwara at place where he took Samadhi would loose everything including the family.But king Raja Ranjeet Singhji decieded to build a Gurudwara at this place.At Nanded only it was asked to Guru Govind Singhji that after him who would led the community then he replied that after me consider Guru Granth Sahib as God and no other person would be sent by God.I was overwhelmed by the spiritual knowledge and was badly hungry and the prasad we received HALWA was so delicious that it increased our hunger many fold.So we headed towards langer inside Gurudwara which was one of its kind experience.
Everone sits on the  floor for prasad and with the name of god they enjoy the prasad.Food was relishing and worth wait and it made meforget our plans of parathans. There i saw the community work taken up by pilgrims from washing dishes to preparing dishes nd serving it to thosands.

Outside one Gurudwara there were few do’s and dont’s were mentioned by Guru Govind Singhji for their followers.I could recollect few which got sticked to my memory :

Always wake up early in the morning “,

“Never trust those who always swears”,

“Never depend on others for help for work which you could also do”,

“Treat all womens with respect and dignity”,

“Earn only using right means and donate 10% of the same”,

“Always help saints,visitors and others what is possible with in capacity”

Then we headed towards Gurudwara which was on the bank of river Godavari.After darshan we sat on the ghat for atleast an hour.There was not much crowd on the ghat and the warm sunrays were perfect to overcome the tiredness.Water was cold and pristine and there was hardly any city disturbances or motor noise with no pollution.
Then we sat for an hour quietly watching flowing glittering water, a fisherman on the boat, swan on the ghat which made us spell bound for quite some time.
Then in evening we met Raveesh and Richa and then after dinner we again headed for delucious prasad at langer.Then we said goodby to this spiritual encounter.


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