Back to hyderabad


Well after covering 4 districts namely Nizamabad,Guntoor, Vijaywada, West Godavari in AP i m back in state capital Hyderabad. We enjoyed th status of Sarkari Mehmaan( govt guests) where we went for our project purpose.It was very tiring journey but in front of the pain of common people it was nthng.It helped me in getting the perspective of the hardship involved in the farming nd the returns which are never adequate.Specifically i remember the incident where the wage seekers who were complaining that despite working for 5 days  the amount they have received from the government is negligible.I was shocked and curious to know what was the issue exactly.On asking accompanying EBT officer it was revealed that though they have worked for given days but qualitatively work was poor as calculated by field assistant.Nthng can be done now he said.All i could see is the helplessness of those beneficiaries.
The hinterland was beautiful and everywhere we went beautiful lush green field with water canal or stream accompanied us.Weather was pleasent and ocassional rain made it perfect for travel long distances.While accomodation provided to us varied district to district.Nizamabad stay was pleasent at Nikhil Sai international hotel where we met two fellow IRMANs (Obhijeet and Uphar).At GUNTOOR it was at British Mansion almost 100 years old and intresting thing in the mansion was the bathroom almost half of the size of the hall or of tge size of entire hostel 4 rooms.Thats why Britishers royality is all about i guess…. At Vijaywada it was at mandal office but rooms were comfortable.
While returning back from Eluru train came 90 mins late made us tired and i wole up at secundrabad station.  Now all the experience needs to summed up and submitted in reports.So much needs to be done.
P.S. I would like yo thank EBT coordinators who accompanied us each and every hour in order to make our stay pleasent.I must appreciate their warm welcome and hospitality extended to us.

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